Pattern Drafting and Construction Course: Bodice Block


The bodice block is the matrix which all tops and dresses exist on. From a hoodie to 1890s period costume… it all lies within the bodice matrix.


This course is for people with intermediate to advanced sewing knowledge,  who would like to learn how to draft their own patterns and learn how to construct the garment they draft. We start the course with a basic womens bodice pattern, that is the foundation of all top garments and dresses.  and finish with you making your own design. 

Where: Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, 13 Camp St, Daylesford
When: Morning Session : Tuesdays 10am-1pm 8 sessions x 3 hr
Dates:  To be Announced
Cost: $320
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Class Size: 6 people

Course Guide

WEEK 1: Introduction to Measuring and Drafting

+ Learning to measure yourself and others.
+ Applying the measurements taken from the body and learning to apply them to a pattern.
+ Drafting a basic bodice pattern in set size

WEEK 2: Sampling your bodice 

+ Cutting a sample garment from your pattern.
+  Constructing the garment in calico.

WEEK 3: Altering the bodice : Third scale sampling

+ Lengthening the bodice pattern in 1/3 scale
+ Sampling the pattern in 1/3 scale
+ Cap sleeve pattern

WEEK 3:  Sleeves / Full Scale

+ Drafting a basic sleeve pattern
+ Cutting and constructing a sleeve.
+ Attaching sleeve to bodice block
+ Learning about different sleeve styles

WEEK 4: Necklines

+ Learning about different neckline styles
+ Drafting and making a 1/3 scale neckline option with facing.

WEEK 5: Collars

+ Drafting and constructing two different collar styles
+ Attaching to bodice block

WEEK 6: Making your Pattern

+ Draft your own bodice pattern off your measurements
+ Drafting your sleeve off your measurements

WEEK 7:  Making your design

+ Drafting your own design from your bodice block
+ Sampling in Calico

WEEK 8: Constructing your Final piece

+ Cutting and constructing your design, in your fabric.

What to bring

+ Basic sewing kit: scissors, dressmaker pins, cotton, tailors chalk, tape measure.

You will be provided with

+ Pattern drafting card
+ Sampling fabric
+ Patterns for bodice, sleeves, necklines and collars in a booklet
+ Pattern drafting ruler set
+ Tutoring in a small class environment (maximum 6 people)

Additional information

Start date

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