Special Workshops and Events

Creating a Sustainable Clothing Culture

The Sewing Salon offers a range of social sewing workshops, custom made clothing and a provides a creative hub for sewing and sustainable clothing events.

We promote creativity, recycling practises and longevity in clothing creation.

Check out our upcoming events below. Or get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Social Sewing

Social sewing is a monthly event where students or sewing enthusiasts in our community can come and meet up to sew. We finish class projects and start new ones, we do community projects, we chat about projects, exchange advice and just have a good time.

Teens Fashion Workshop

An after school workshop for Teens, to learn about sewing, repairing, fashion and sustainable clothing practise.

Rag Tag

A project where we make clothing from recycled fabric with a view of creating a sustainable clothing collective in Daylesford. 

Stay tuned for exhibitions, workshops, fashion parades and a pop up shop connected to this concept.