Here at the Sewing Salon, we feel that what you wear is an expression of you and your lifestyle and can be applied to clothing in a way that marries creativity, form, function and fit. 

We like to create and preserve clothing that the wearer feels great in; giving the item a longer life and enhancing body positivity by coming up with innovative fitting solutions that are satisfying to the client. To me, creating clothing has always been about freedom and creativity. The freedom to express yourself in the way you dress. To make something you feel good in, that is custom made for your body and your personal preferences, that promotes ease of movement and practicality with the way you interact with the environment

Our custom made clothing service brings all your clothing creation dreams to reality.

Our process

In our design consultation appointment we discuss your design, look at any inspirational material… photos, pictures, other garments, dreams, ideas, then discuss the fabric choice and colours. 

We then measure you up, your design is fitted specifically for your measurements.

There are a few fitting sessions (depending on the garment) to ensure the garment is the perfect fit for your form.

Make an appointment and we can discuss your design vision.