The Sewing Salon

Empowered, sustainable fashion

Welcome to The Sewing Salon.

Our aim is to empower people with the ability to create and custom your own clothing. We wish to take a slower more considered approach to clothing creation that is made with love and care, that is sized to promote body positivity.

The Sewing Salon offers sewing workshops, custom made clothing, and events. We promote creativity, sustainability and longevity in fashion. We feel that what you wear is an expression of you and your lifestyle and can be applied to clothing in a way that marries creativity, form, function and fit. We like to create and preserve clothing that the wearer feels great in, giving the item a longer life and enhancing body positivity by coming up with great solutions for fit.

Education is an important part of our ethos. As humans, an important part of our existence is being able to do things with our hands. To create objects from raw materials. To craft objects that are both beautiful and purposeful. It gives us an incredible amount of achievement and satisfaction. These skills that were once passed down, out of necessity are being lost. Sewing is one of these skills.

We wish to show people how pleasurable and empowering making your own clothing can be and to grow a community that is resilient and solution orientated in times of pressure and lack.

Founder - Sam Menzies

Sam Menzies founder of the Sewing Salon

Hi, My name is Samantha Menzies Gunn and I'm the founder of The Sewing Salon.

I've been passionate about fashion and dressmaking since I was first shown how to operate a sewing machine at 12 years of age, and it has led an exciting lifelong journey.

For me, making clothing has always been about freedom and empowerment. The freedom to dress the way you want too, to create alternative options in fit and style, and how empowering it is to be able to create something from your imagination that is wearable and beautiful.

In my lifetime, fashion has become an increasing problem on the planet. Poorly made, trend-based fashion is increasing waste and the homogenisation of clothing styles and sizes. Fashion is becoming something that seems to be relegated to a small size and age range,and is encouraged to be consumed and thrown away quickly. This leaves us with a huge waste problem and a large percentage of the population (mainly women over 30 or over size 12) feeling like age appropriate clothing means squeezing into stretch clothing or living in a sack.

I want to create a different dialogue about clothing. I think you should feel great in what you are wearing at any age and size. Your clothing should be an expression of the amazing human you are and how you live in the world. It should raise your spirit, not diminish you.

So my mission now is to educate you about how to feel good in your clothing, show you how to create clothing for yourself to achieve this in a way that create less waste, because we are making better choices and finding solutions to current clothing dilemmas.