Welcome to the Sewing Salon

Our aim is to empower people with the ability to create and custom your own clothing. We wish to take a slower more considered approach to clothing creation that is made with love and care, that is sized to promote body positivity.

The Sewing Salon offers sewing classes, custom made clothing and a creative hub for sewing and sustainable clothing events.

We promote creativity, recycling practices and longevity in fashion.

sewing ephemera in a basket


To craft objects that are both beautiful and purposeful enriches the soul, but this basic survival skill is becoming a dying art. In our Sewing Workshops, we empower students with the ability to sew for themselves.

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What you wear is an expression of you and your lifestyle and can be applied to clothing in a way that marries creativity, form, function and fit. We create for all styles and needs.

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sewing machine foot


Our exhibitions, events and free workshops promote connection, education and sustainable fashion practice within our community. 

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Creating quality custom pieces that wear well over time and are created to fit your body shape perfectly.

~ Sam Menzies – Founder

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